Period: Feb 2018 – December 2018 Dates: To be defined

Pitch – Description:

The Transition to e-mobility is confronted to the issue of the egg and the hen, or rather the e-car and the e-charger, who comes first to make the other possible?

With this conferences and brainstorming meetings cycle, E&S Eurocenter intends to gather key stakeholders to elaborate a self-dynamic program enabling a sustainable and efficient transition of European cities to 100% urban e-mobility.

Meetings and conferences Sub-topics:

  • Cost analysis of an e-chargers adapted network
  • Benefits and participation of e-cars producers
  • Benefits and participation of e-bike producers
  • Benefits and participation of e-chargers producers
  • Are Urban medias a sustainable solution for e-mobility transition?
  • A PPP model for private equity funding of e-mobility transition?
  • Obligations, Costs & benefits for local governments

Stakeholders typology:

  • Utilities: electricity grid
  • E-cars producers
  • E-bikes producers
  • Urban medias
  • E-chargers producers
  • Local governments, City authorities
  • Financial funds (for PPP funding)

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