• Our mission is to create a number of micro-financing business opportunities, providing the regional communities with a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities to enable the locals to work independently. 
  • One important aspect of CIWACO is also to provide an efficient and an organised plastic waste disposal system in the regions where there is none existing already.



CIWACO is a program for the plastic waste collection by the individuals in a community. In collaboration with public services, we form an integrated system that promotes entrepreneurship and job creation opportunities around the supply-chains of plastic, rubber, construction and biomass waste. In collaboration with local authorities and civil society, we organize the collection, sorting and recovery of plastic waste in rural and urban communities.



  • Plastic Waste Collection: Electric Cargo Bike models are used by the independent individuals who work with CIWACO. After a verification process, they are provided with an application in which they get notifications if there is any plastic waste in their nearby locations, ready for the disposal. A ratification system allows the collector to validate the quality of the deposit on the basis of:
    • A weight/volume ratio to validate the quality of the waste storage (compression, folding, etc.).
    • A quality ratio allowing the collector to qualify the quality of the sorting, (5 stars rating)
  • Plastic Waste Treatment: Before the waste is sent for the treatment, it is pre-valuated and sorted at the CIWACO’s pre-valuation and sorting workshops. We assist the local authorities in the implementation of the plant, the recruitment and training of personnel, and the synchronization of the collaborative partnership with the ECOMORPHOSYS plants.
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