The basic objective of the EEP is to propose local product/service providers pioneers in their environmental approach, to help companies lowering their carbon impact and environmental impact.

EEP is currently supporting in Brussels, key institutions in their carbon neutrality approach such as Euronews, BNP Paribas Real Estate, ECB (European Central Bank), Vatenfall (Swedish energy supplier), FEFAC (European feed manufacturers’ association).

EEP has already gathered on its program product/service providers pioneer in their environmental approach such as CO2LOGIC (Carbon Impact assessor), Tout-Clean Services (Bio-oriented corporate cleaning services), The Torrefactory project (Sustainable coffee supplier), Permafungi ( Coffee Ground re-use in a circularity approach), The incredible company (Corporate garden management), Global Communication services (Reshape of Printers), Ecotop (Reshape of cartridges) and Aquadyn (Water filters), MK+ (Lighting).

Every segment and its correlated product/service providers are integrated into a Carbon impact assessment protocol and an Environmental impact assessment protocol and compared to standard/legacy services in order to highlight the best sustainable choices to be done by office managers and purchase managers.

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