Whether you are certifying your management system according to ISO 14001 or EMAS, or simply looking to develop or improve your environmental and sustainability policies, we can support you in the assessment of your current footprint and the development of innovative good practices.

Best operating practices

We help you set-up your sustainability programs in a comprehensive, planned and documented manner. 

Our methodology integrates procedures and processes for training of staff, monitoring, summarizing and reporting of environmental and social performances information for the internal and external stakeholders of your company.


Best purchase practices

In each region where we operate, we select the best local companies to provide you with ethical and sustainable products and services.


Sustainability Communication

The communication of your improvements and achievements should be done both:

internally, as it contributes to your employees' feeling of working for a positive impact company 

Externally, to contribute to the global shift towards a sustainable society by showing leadership, and to inform your customers about your social and environmental responsibility.

We propose innovative and impactful internal and external communication campaigns. 

For more information ,contact us (mailto: info@es-communication.com)

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Stakeholders Typology:

Private companies

Start ups

We are currently launching a pilote project to provide these services in Brussels and Wallonia before developing them in other European regions alongside local partners