Our mission is to transform all the mixed plastic waste into construction system alternatives to contribute towards a zero plastic waste global economy.



We are a company with an environmental, social and economic impact, focused on the circular economy. We transform mixed plastic waste into construction materials to generate positive impact and reduce housing deficit in the countries in need of it. 


What do we do?

We educate and promote behavioral change in waste disposal, involve recycler communities in logistics and improve their income by generating value in plastics that we do not currently have a market for, and then close the plastic cycle by transforming these recycled plastics into alternative construction systems to generate positive impacts and reduce the housing deficit in developing countries.


Community Benefits: 

Social Impact: Our programs enable the development of plastic based family housing at highly competitive rates. We work with different regional authorities to provide support for housing for the homeless people to help the community to develop.

Environmental Impact: We bring the plastic in a closed loop system, hence contributing towards a zero plastic waste global economy, thereby greatly reducing the amount of mismanaged waste and hence, the amount of waste entering the water bodies or ending up in the landfills. This in turn, makes a huge positive impact on the environment by reducing the Carbon Footprints greatly.

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